Welcome to Big Hearted Families!
Are YOU a  ”big hearted” family?  Do you LOVE LIFE (with all its joys and sorrows) and desire to grow big hearts and strong souls in your family?  We want to hear from you!

Please share your inspirations, ideas and special moments from your family life.  Are there challenges you have overcome? What have you learned along the way?  Tell us about  a ‘slice of life’ day like for you.  Regardless of how many children God  has blessed you with, we want to hear how you fill your home with love.

Stories of “Big Hearted Families” are slated to be published soon by Scepter, a Catholic publisher.  Send your story to Patti Armstrong at  pattiarmstrong at mac.com or Theresa Thomas at thomasclan11 at sbcglobal.net

We can’t wait to hear about YOUR ‘big hearted’ family!