Welcome to Big Hearted Families!
Are YOU a  ”big hearted” family?  Do you LOVE LIFE (with all its joys and sorrows) and desire to grow big hearts and strong souls in your family?  We want to hear from you!

Please share your inspirations, ideas and special moments from your family life.  Are there challenges you have overcome? What have you learned along the way?  Tell us about  a ‘slice of life’ day like for you.  Regardless of how many children God  has blessed you with, we want to hear how you fill your home with love.

Stories of “Big Hearted Families” are slated to be published soon by Scepter, a Catholic publisher.  Send your story to Patti Armstrong at  pattiarmstrong at mac.com or Theresa Thomas at thomasclan11 at sbcglobal.net

We can’t wait to hear about YOUR ‘big hearted’ family!


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I was born the second child, oldest living girl into my family. My mom had seven living children and six miscarriages. Loved, loved, loved being in a big family. My most favorite times were the holidays where our mom always made the best meals. Also Sunday dinners were very special. The family sitting, eating and laughing are my favorite memories.

    I went on to get married and wanted to have as many children as possible. It wasn’t something I could plan unfortunately and I had to totally depend on Gods divine will. I had a boy, our Beau, and then 22 months later our daughter Maria. Then a miscarriage that devastated me more than I could ever explain. After this I couldn’t get pregnant and had just accepted this. I started working at my children’s Catholic pre-school. I also started helping my older brother at his business part time and waitressing part time. I decided I loved teaching so I enrolled in a local Community College. THEN…sitting one day feeling strange, I realized I may be pregnant!!! I was! I was three months pregnant with our daughter Ireland. She was born six years after our Maria. What an adjustment from running like crazy and then settling into staying at home again. When Ireland was four months, I figured that I had post partum depression. I was crying all the time and just not feeling energetic. I called my mom who proceeded to tell me to take a pregnancy test. I laughed and told her, “if it was this easy!” Yes, thirteen months later, Trinity was born! I became pregnant two years later and miscarried. We in the process decided to homeschool the kids. So I did become the teacher I wanted to be, just on Gods time! At 45 years old I became pregnant and miscarried in the doctors office. I was deeply sad. No one knew how sad I was. I couldn’t share my dissapointment, everyone had their own problems and I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. My husband was laid off, finances were tight, and winter was upon us. The following March by a complete miracle I found I was pregnant! This pregnancy was the most difficult and deadly. I bled the first three months and was practically in bed the rest of the pregnancy. There was a very slight chance that our baby would be born with Down Syndrome. I was induced at 37 weeks. The laborious was tough and at 8 centimeters, the baby was in distress and we were taken down for an emergency c-section. Katharine Mary was born dead and had to be resuscitated. We named her after St. Katharine Drexel and our Blessed Mother. She had to have her temperature dropped for 72 hours. I did not get to hold our Katharine Mary for five days. I had lost an enormous amount of blood and was quite ill. The third day of Katharine’s life it was confirmed she had Downs Syndrome. That was the least of our worries, we wanted her to live! We prayed for the intercession of St. Katharine Drexel, St. Philomena, and my personal favorite, St. Padre PIO.

    Katharine had difficulty eating so was transferred to Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hom. She was home in a week. The Monday right before Christmas! Praise God she is two months and has grown and gained weight. She has a perfect heart, and just passed her neurology exam! Our Katharine is the center of the family. Our children pour more love on this cherub and my husband and myself praise God the Father everyday for his divine will for our family.

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